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#catstagram #autumnsun #picoftheday


Every story has one thing in common: the villains never get the happy endings.


Regina in every episode —> A Tale of Two Sisters

The stench of peasant is overwhelming.

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You just have to fight.

If you won’t I will.

okay but if i had ANY FUCKING FAITH in this show i would get so emotional over the color palette and the blocking here the way Regina’s side of the room and the lighting and the wardrobe EVERYTHING is cold its cold and dark and the way she’s balled up hurt and small and trying to protect herself because this is absolutely a defensive posture but more than that its the one you take #when you’re overwhelmed completely and can’t fight back you curl up and minimize the damage and this is something Regina Mills DOES NOT DO because Regina Mills is queen of the 'bEst defensive is a massive fucking offense' school of thinking so having her like this is so SO telling and then there is Emma and everything on her side is warm and light and the way she’s actually reaching toward Regina LEANING her entire body toward her if Emma were a dude this would be the OTP to end all other OTPs on all other showsand fuck you if you think otherwise the blocking the lighting the staging this is so far from platonic idefk i give up (via racethewind10)

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Season four, here we go :)

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regina, i know you’re in there.